Monday, 22 February 2010


"Poverty is pain" It affects all corners of success in life. Women cannot access health services because they cannot afford transportation to the hospital.Children whose parents are poor cannot go to school. Countries which are poor have got the worst maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates.Guess what, SubSaharan Africa and Asia! The health systems usually have inadequate funding hence inadequate resources both human and material.My being to Scandinavia, has taught me that there is a big gap betwen the South and the North.Hospital equipment is more than what is needed and there is good number of midwives, professors, doctors and specialists. Poverty is indeed pain for it closes all doors of success in life!! No woman has died during my one year stay at KK which shows how good perinatal health care is starting from antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum.This is achievable with good health care delivery systems with adequate funds for running of health services, good policies, good communication, transportation and referral systems and good data management systems, Poverty is indeed pain!

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