Thursday, 16 July 2009


"Now you are in second stage and the baby is near so you need to push" thus the midwife telling the mother. She then explains the pushing process. The mother works hard so that she can have a live baby and get relief of painful contractions when the baby is out. I have seen husbands supporting and encouraging their wives to "press" that means to push på engelsk.i have heard others doing the uuuuu! sound as if they are also pushing. Then finally the baby is born, the midwife does not rash to cut the cord, she takes her time if the baby is ok, she wipes it and directs it to the mothers tummy. Then you see them both"mother and father" sobbing and crying with joy. It is a joyous cry because they have what they have been expecting. I then conclude that male involvement is very crucial in all matters concerning women's health.They put themselves in their wives`shoes and appreciate what a woman goes through when giving birth.

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