Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Being a midwife for 15 years has enriched me with experience of what the health personnel even myself usually neglect as not important things. As an experienced para 3, i really missed the support of a midwife who could greet me and put herself in my shoes during antenatal, labour and postnatal periods.Having travelled miles away from my home and live in this scandinavian country, i have really appriciated that there are some things that cost nothing but are important for all midwives to do in the whole world. A smile, greetings, giving of comprehensive information, explaining procedures, respect, empathy, sympathy.With these little non costly commodities, our hospitals will be wonderful places for women.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


When Mr Harris brought a bag full of face masks during the FK perparotory course ,i thoguht "OH! my God", what is he to do with these. What an interesting topic it was . Human beings use alot of face masks in thier everyday lives. Some are defensive, worrisome, judgemental, mind readers, pretence e.t.c Human beings most of the times tend to hide their real self by putting on a different face mask.The world is full of pretence and there is little truth, very few people are honest to others and within themselves "Face masks" are used by all of us whether one likes or not.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Times to Remember

The labour day (1/05/09) was a joyful day for me. To be invited by the paramount boss and dine with her from the same table is not something that can go without my comment.That was at my boss's home, ostandel, ( sorry that first O is supposed to have /, man en computer har ikke norsk vowels) I hope the spelling is correct if not mistaken.She drove almost for 2 hours to reach this beautiful home with a good view of surrounding mountains.I saw the craftmansship of God the creator, great rivers and lakes.As usual , visitors always feel their berries with good delicious food, the dish was just too good i should admit.Tussek takk for your invitation.


One day i was chatting with one of my collegues at the work place about "going to church"She told me that her faith does not belong to any church therefore does not go to any church. I asked her why. She said "the world is full of greed, lust and jealous and people do not love one another" I then realised her point, people want all the best for themselves and not others.Like the pharisees in the old times people feel they know the best and not others. All the fighting that is happening in this world whether war political , economical e.t.c, the genesis of it is greed, lust and jealous.OH Lord relieve us from this tense atmosphere in which we live. Give us peace and love till you come again