Tuesday, 7 April 2009

STORKEN 30/03/2009

The above name is derived from a bird that is usually put on tins of stork margarine.Is a small bird with very tiny legs. Here in Bergen, it is the name of low risk labour and postnatal wards. In this ward the labour process is not interupted by any drugs. In other words the natural process of labour occurs in this ward. Women who chose to come here are prepared for this and it is wonderful rather than having tubes all over around your body.
One natural method used to facilitate the labour process is the warm bath, yaa it is wonderful. In active phase the woman goes to the bath tub with warm water if at all she is interested and the labour process just goes phyuuuuuu! Fast!!!, I hope i will try this in my labour ward.
Women are in full control of all the process and they chose what they think is best for them, this is wonderful

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