Friday, 24 April 2009

Learning to ski

Skiing is the paramount norwegian sport, am told during summer thus when you know who the true norwegians are, WHY? coz they climb up the mountains looking for snow so that they can ski. YAA, it is fun but you need to be very careful otherwise you crash your bones especially when it is your first time to do this sporting activity.Thus me triying to learn how to ski! You cannot say you had been in Norge if you never went for skiing!! It was fun but the shoes are heavy. At first i wondered why the skiers change their steps when they are fully dressed for this game, until i had it thus when i appreciated, it is the nature of the shoes, tight and heavy.Tussen takk to Mildrid who drove me to the skiing field and taught me how to ski.

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  1. Greetings! I have been following Joanne's blog for a long time and she has sent her readers here to read of your adventures! I'm excited to follow along with you on your journey. What a difference you both are making to birthing families. Bless you! (And have fun learning to ski!)