Monday, 6 April 2009


One could wonder at the title, yes, in Norway, both partners feel the pain of bieng labour. The man despite not having the pysiological labour process that a woman goes through, he feels the psychological part of it. The man is always by the bed side through out the labour process giving support to his partner. I have seen some partners changing their faces when a woman has a contraction as if they are also in labour, yaa it is the pyschological pain they go through and try to put themselves in the womans shoes.When the baby is born, the man cuts the cord. Bonding to the new born starts right away in the labour room, this is great.
I feel this is challenging in our environment where women are put in a single room with 14 beds, however involving the men during antenatal and postnatal period and involving them in provision of care is crucial. We are looking forward to having men with their labouring wives in the new maternity wing, this can avert some of the challenges that my fellow women are going through at Bwaila hospital. Having a hsband around the delivery bed, makes the woman feel suppoprted, makes him appreciate what a woman goes through when giving birth. Other men do not know that it is very painful to go through the labour process and give birth. They thing it is as easy as cooking nsima, they have to be around the delivery bed thus when they will know.

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