Friday, 24 April 2009

Learning to ski

Skiing is the paramount norwegian sport, am told during summer thus when you know who the true norwegians are, WHY? coz they climb up the mountains looking for snow so that they can ski. YAA, it is fun but you need to be very careful otherwise you crash your bones especially when it is your first time to do this sporting activity.Thus me triying to learn how to ski! You cannot say you had been in Norge if you never went for skiing!! It was fun but the shoes are heavy. At first i wondered why the skiers change their steps when they are fully dressed for this game, until i had it thus when i appreciated, it is the nature of the shoes, tight and heavy.Tussen takk to Mildrid who drove me to the skiing field and taught me how to ski.



Acouple in labour

Life after Haudeland

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

STORKEN 30/03/2009

The above name is derived from a bird that is usually put on tins of stork margarine.Is a small bird with very tiny legs. Here in Bergen, it is the name of low risk labour and postnatal wards. In this ward the labour process is not interupted by any drugs. In other words the natural process of labour occurs in this ward. Women who chose to come here are prepared for this and it is wonderful rather than having tubes all over around your body.
One natural method used to facilitate the labour process is the warm bath, yaa it is wonderful. In active phase the woman goes to the bath tub with warm water if at all she is interested and the labour process just goes phyuuuuuu! Fast!!!, I hope i will try this in my labour ward.
Women are in full control of all the process and they chose what they think is best for them, this is wonderful

Monday, 6 April 2009


One could wonder at the title, yes, in Norway, both partners feel the pain of bieng labour. The man despite not having the pysiological labour process that a woman goes through, he feels the psychological part of it. The man is always by the bed side through out the labour process giving support to his partner. I have seen some partners changing their faces when a woman has a contraction as if they are also in labour, yaa it is the pyschological pain they go through and try to put themselves in the womans shoes.When the baby is born, the man cuts the cord. Bonding to the new born starts right away in the labour room, this is great.
I feel this is challenging in our environment where women are put in a single room with 14 beds, however involving the men during antenatal and postnatal period and involving them in provision of care is crucial. We are looking forward to having men with their labouring wives in the new maternity wing, this can avert some of the challenges that my fellow women are going through at Bwaila hospital. Having a hsband around the delivery bed, makes the woman feel suppoprted, makes him appreciate what a woman goes through when giving birth. Other men do not know that it is very painful to go through the labour process and give birth. They thing it is as easy as cooking nsima, they have to be around the delivery bed thus when they will know.