Saturday, 21 March 2009

VOSS on 10th March

After one hour train cruzing, i reached Voss, where i was to stay for three weeks. Weather was very bad and it was snowing. I was taken to the hospital by car. This hospital is under Haukeland university hospital in Bergen. I was warmly welcomed by the midwives although other greeted me in Norsk thinking i know it.The incharge was attending a meeting, so i had to wait.

One midwife took me to a restraunt and was given some food for free. The room was full of the blues and i was the only one different. Gathered courage and joined one lady infact she was a patient taking her lunch, she behaved like a collectilist very friendly. After she finished she left, i was all alone, tears of loneliness circled around my eyes. I could actually see others looking at me and talking about me but i could not get anything.I quickly finished my food and went back to the ward. The sister incharge took me around and was friendly too.

I was later taken to my room some 10 minutes walk from the hospital, i felt so exhuasted physically and pyschologically hurt. Oh ! why did i go to Huadeland then i said to myself?? Yaa i will try to fit myself in and cope to this otherwise if my blood pleassure shoots up here it will be chaos, "life is what you make"

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