Saturday, 21 March 2009

Life after Haudeland Hotel

This is the third week since we came out of beautiful Haudeland Hotel. FK spent millions of NOK on all the participants to have that delicious food, room and lessons etc . At first i felt it was not all that important to attend this preporatory course. I was totally wrong, the lessons at pogrammed by FK prepared me pyschologically to face the real Norwegian culture. I remembered Rolf and Josh,s movie which was voted the best "CROSS ROADS" and really appreciated that whenever two different cultures meet, there bound to be diversity. I cannot finish writting without commenting on PELLIGRINO,S presentation which made the whole class broke into laughter, i nearly felt like throwing my intestines out due to laughter. The individualist (Blues) and collectivilist(reds). life is hard after Haudeland where we actually lived together as a family along with our humble , accommodating, Peter.Do not forget that the REDs like to live together as a family!!!! Making friends is difficult(individualised culture)

Life after Haudeland is tough, "no more desert during dishes" Thanks to FK for such a wonderful job and preparing us pyschologically to face the blues

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