Saturday, 21 March 2009


On 9th , i went to report at my working place in the maternity wing, i found something touching in the Norwegian culture. Bente, the research nurse took me around the whole maternity wing, moving up ad down, yaa she was so friendly to me i should admit.

Everyone i met was putting on a white uniform which is worn by nurses and clinicians in my country. I then asked Bente "who are! as i was about to say "cleaners", we then met, a cleaner putting on a white uniform carrying a mop. All looked equal in white uniform. I then asked why it was so although i aready knew from Haudeland, "In Norway we are all equal" yaa there is some differences among people but equality is the talk of all the people in this land.

I would have forgotten something, most Planes have "business and economic class" The day we were leaving for Oslo,the norwegian plane had nothing of this sort, Kristine told me" in Norway we do not have such type of planes becoz we are all equal"

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