Saturday, 21 March 2009

VOSS on 10th March

After one hour train cruzing, i reached Voss, where i was to stay for three weeks. Weather was very bad and it was snowing. I was taken to the hospital by car. This hospital is under Haukeland university hospital in Bergen. I was warmly welcomed by the midwives although other greeted me in Norsk thinking i know it.The incharge was attending a meeting, so i had to wait.

One midwife took me to a restraunt and was given some food for free. The room was full of the blues and i was the only one different. Gathered courage and joined one lady infact she was a patient taking her lunch, she behaved like a collectilist very friendly. After she finished she left, i was all alone, tears of loneliness circled around my eyes. I could actually see others looking at me and talking about me but i could not get anything.I quickly finished my food and went back to the ward. The sister incharge took me around and was friendly too.

I was later taken to my room some 10 minutes walk from the hospital, i felt so exhuasted physically and pyschologically hurt. Oh ! why did i go to Huadeland then i said to myself?? Yaa i will try to fit myself in and cope to this otherwise if my blood pleassure shoots up here it will be chaos, "life is what you make"


On 9th , i went to report at my working place in the maternity wing, i found something touching in the Norwegian culture. Bente, the research nurse took me around the whole maternity wing, moving up ad down, yaa she was so friendly to me i should admit.

Everyone i met was putting on a white uniform which is worn by nurses and clinicians in my country. I then asked Bente "who are! as i was about to say "cleaners", we then met, a cleaner putting on a white uniform carrying a mop. All looked equal in white uniform. I then asked why it was so although i aready knew from Haudeland, "In Norway we are all equal" yaa there is some differences among people but equality is the talk of all the people in this land.

I would have forgotten something, most Planes have "business and economic class" The day we were leaving for Oslo,the norwegian plane had nothing of this sort, Kristine told me" in Norway we do not have such type of planes becoz we are all equal"

Life after Haudeland Hotel

This is the third week since we came out of beautiful Haudeland Hotel. FK spent millions of NOK on all the participants to have that delicious food, room and lessons etc . At first i felt it was not all that important to attend this preporatory course. I was totally wrong, the lessons at pogrammed by FK prepared me pyschologically to face the real Norwegian culture. I remembered Rolf and Josh,s movie which was voted the best "CROSS ROADS" and really appreciated that whenever two different cultures meet, there bound to be diversity. I cannot finish writting without commenting on PELLIGRINO,S presentation which made the whole class broke into laughter, i nearly felt like throwing my intestines out due to laughter. The individualist (Blues) and collectivilist(reds). life is hard after Haudeland where we actually lived together as a family along with our humble , accommodating, Peter.Do not forget that the REDs like to live together as a family!!!! Making friends is difficult(individualised culture)

Life after Haudeland is tough, "no more desert during dishes" Thanks to FK for such a wonderful job and preparing us pyschologically to face the blues

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


How amazing it is to have the other view of the world totally different from your country. The cold weather, mountains, cars and the whole ground covered with snow. Life is totally different, the food, the type of cloths, the type of shoes and the steps too. Yaa you have to be very careful with your steps otherwise you fall down , its like you are learning to walk, the ground is very slippery.