Monday, 22 February 2010

What about us

People usually choose what to do in life e.g to smoke, drink alcohol and so on. In Europe thus part of life lthough others do not smoking. Yes! it is their own choice , their own life and their own right to do what they want.People smoke everywhere in public places but "what about us" who do not smoke? Don,t we need respect too? it is our own choice not to smoke but we do it secondarily from our collegues who smoke. Policy makers, please look into such issues, everyone needs respect, let them smoke in defined places not in the streets it is HORRIBLE!!!!


"Poverty is pain" It affects all corners of success in life. Women cannot access health services because they cannot afford transportation to the hospital.Children whose parents are poor cannot go to school. Countries which are poor have got the worst maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates.Guess what, SubSaharan Africa and Asia! The health systems usually have inadequate funding hence inadequate resources both human and material.My being to Scandinavia, has taught me that there is a big gap betwen the South and the North.Hospital equipment is more than what is needed and there is good number of midwives, professors, doctors and specialists. Poverty is indeed pain for it closes all doors of success in life!! No woman has died during my one year stay at KK which shows how good perinatal health care is starting from antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum.This is achievable with good health care delivery systems with adequate funds for running of health services, good policies, good communication, transportation and referral systems and good data management systems, Poverty is indeed pain!

High work load

No wonder it is impossible to satisfy the women's need for quality care which they deserve.Delivering over 12,000 deliveries annually is the true story of Bwaila hospital. Being a public hospital, obstetric complications e.g ruptured uterus , postpartum haemorrhage, and obstructed labour are the talk of every day life.I salute the midwives , clinical officers and doctors for the wonderful job that they do depite all the challenges e.g, shortage of staff and equipment. They usually stretch themselves to deliver what they can.A midwife usually delivers more than 7 babies or more per shift but she also has to take care of other women with different problems.No wonder the midwives are so exhausted , their morale is down and sometimes loose their temper.Talking of night duty , Herregud! 4.30pm-7.30am, how can such a midwife deliver quality care?? It is just too much for the midwives!!!the work load is too much.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


"Now you are in second stage and the baby is near so you need to push" thus the midwife telling the mother. She then explains the pushing process. The mother works hard so that she can have a live baby and get relief of painful contractions when the baby is out. I have seen husbands supporting and encouraging their wives to "press" that means to push på engelsk.i have heard others doing the uuuuu! sound as if they are also pushing. Then finally the baby is born, the midwife does not rash to cut the cord, she takes her time if the baby is ok, she wipes it and directs it to the mothers tummy. Then you see them both"mother and father" sobbing and crying with joy. It is a joyous cry because they have what they have been expecting. I then conclude that male involvement is very crucial in all matters concerning women's health.They put themselves in their wives`shoes and appreciate what a woman goes through when giving birth.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Being a midwife for 15 years has enriched me with experience of what the health personnel even myself usually neglect as not important things. As an experienced para 3, i really missed the support of a midwife who could greet me and put herself in my shoes during antenatal, labour and postnatal periods.Having travelled miles away from my home and live in this scandinavian country, i have really appriciated that there are some things that cost nothing but are important for all midwives to do in the whole world. A smile, greetings, giving of comprehensive information, explaining procedures, respect, empathy, sympathy.With these little non costly commodities, our hospitals will be wonderful places for women.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


When Mr Harris brought a bag full of face masks during the FK perparotory course ,i thoguht "OH! my God", what is he to do with these. What an interesting topic it was . Human beings use alot of face masks in thier everyday lives. Some are defensive, worrisome, judgemental, mind readers, pretence e.t.c Human beings most of the times tend to hide their real self by putting on a different face mask.The world is full of pretence and there is little truth, very few people are honest to others and within themselves "Face masks" are used by all of us whether one likes or not.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Times to Remember

The labour day (1/05/09) was a joyful day for me. To be invited by the paramount boss and dine with her from the same table is not something that can go without my comment.That was at my boss's home, ostandel, ( sorry that first O is supposed to have /, man en computer har ikke norsk vowels) I hope the spelling is correct if not mistaken.She drove almost for 2 hours to reach this beautiful home with a good view of surrounding mountains.I saw the craftmansship of God the creator, great rivers and lakes.As usual , visitors always feel their berries with good delicious food, the dish was just too good i should admit.Tussek takk for your invitation.